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fridge control strip

At the top of your fridge is a control strip which you can use to choose how you want to see your fridge.

control strip - List view

The control strip has three main areas you can control - going from left to right:

add note etc.
list of links to add new notes, pictures and magnets
these operate in the same manner when they appear in any view
but note that
there is no 'add magnet' link in List view and no 'add' links at all in Painter view
view chooser
this pull down lets you choose one of the views (List, Java, Image or Painter)
view controls:
in List view you can choose the number of columns to use for the notes
in Full view there are no view controls
and this area is empty
in Image and Painter views you set the 'zoom factor' and resize the fridge display (see more below)


control strip - Image and Painter views


View controls in Image and Painter views

The shrink/grow buttons control how much space the fridge takes up in your display.

The zoom factor says how big the fridge appears within that space

If the fridge is being shown full size (100%) or bigger, or if the display is small, not all of the fridge may fit into the current display. In this case small scroll arrows appear at the edges of the fridge which you can click to move around the fridge.

To see all of the fridge you can select the special zoom factor 'Entire image'.

If you select 'Page width' as the zoom factor you see the fridge sized to fit left-to-right across your display, but you may still need to scroll up and down.







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