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my vfridge

Your own personal my vfridge page allows you to see all your fridges, crackers, reminders and custom styles. It has a six tabs:

  • about – information about the myvfridge page
  • fridges – list of fridges you have created or jpined
  • customif you have created any custom styles, these are listed and you can edit your styles or create new fridges in the styles from this tab.
  • crackers – list of all the crackers you have sent or recieved. use this page to keep track of when people have opened your crcakers, or to send more crackers to friends.
  • reminders – list of all current and recently past reminders
  • preferences – set your prefered name for crackers and stop list of email addresses from which you don't want to receive crackers.

The top right hand corner of this page and most vfridge pages shows the current user. If you have registered and logged in this will be you! You can select your picture when you register or by clicking 'login/logout' and then selecting 'edit details' in the 'current user' panel.

If several people are using the same machine (say at home), the pull down list will show all currently active users and you can switch between them. Note that the fridges and styles listed will differ depending on who is the current user.


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