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To use the facilities on your personal myvfridge pages you need to be a registered vfridge user. If you have sent or recieved a cracker or reminder, you can use the 'personal cracker page' URL in the email you received and this will automatically create you a vfridge account for the email. Alternatively you can register or login here.
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example fridge
myvfridge is your launch point for virtual fridges, crackers and reminders
virtual fridges
virtual fridges are places where you and your friends can leave notes and pictures from the web or from your mobile phone using WAP. Make a fridge as a meeting place for your friends and family. Take a look at the example fridge or make a new fridge of your own.
virtual crackers
not just for Christmas! Send them to your friends like electronic greetings cards, but as well as a message your friend will get a toy, a mask, a bad joke ... just like the real thing ... well almost
never forget a birthday or anniversary again, let our email reminder service help you

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